Five Minute Friday- Last

Five Minute Friday
I was training a very dear friends to cover my shift at the hotel and I can’t remember how it came up, but my Uncle mentioned HIM.

My friend asked me who he was. And I mentioned the basic facts: how he ended up running around with the wrong set of people. Crack became his #1 and he eventually stole thousands of dollars from the safe.. He nearly lost his life once when he stabbed IN THE THROAT.

I completely left out that he was my first love. The one that sometimes comes to haunt you in the dead of night.

When I met Tony, I remember walking to work. Not sure what HE was talking about, but I told him that I wouldn’t let him ruin what I had going on. It was the last time he spoke to me.

Often I really need to know how he’s faring. Google helped me out with that. He’s currently in jail.. for trying to break into an ATM and for stealing a prescription pad and writing false prescriptions..

The best thing he did for me was to let go… And I wonder sometimes, when my life is so great and I love my husband beyond measure.. that I think of those last moments with HIM when I broke up. Where  I begged and pleaded for him to quit the drugs.. to just flush it in the trash.. To give me some so my life could be ruined to (not that I expected to do it.. I was just gauging his reaction” And crying in the middle of the night on the curb waiting for my mom to pick me up..


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Last

  1. Powerful story, thank you for sharing what must’ve been a hard episode of life. Like Melanie, I’m always amazed how one word leads down so many paths.

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