My last day at work



The time has come… 

Today is my last day… Or my last scheduled shift. 

I had the pleasure of sharing at least half of it with my friend R. R was a former student of the dojo we attend. Eventually she parted ways with the dojo but our friendship really cemented during my husband’s deployment. 

I recently hooked her up with a job at our sister hotel, so she was trained in our software. She’s just about the bubbliest person you’d ever meet, even more so than me, so I recommended her to my mom and uncle. She will be over here one day a week to fill the rest of the gap in my wake… I think it’s a good fit and I feel like I’m leaving this place in good hands!

I know I’m not leaving FOREVER, but I am a bit sad about leaving. Today has been a nice quiet day. The summer chaos has ebbed. Only weekends will still be chaotic, and I haven’t worked those in years! These are the good days, the netflix and stitchy days that are made so much cooler because I’m getting paid for it! 

I sat down with my new books and did a thorough looking over of all my books.. except for the math one. I looked at the introduction.. after the first chapter I cringed and closed the book. I think I’m declaring myself too old to be able to do math. They say the older you get, the harder it is for you to master a new language… That algebra looked about as foreign as Japanese would be. Why are there so many LETTERS?! I actually understood the first lesson, so maybe I can swing it. 

First Year Experience? Seriously? The cousin apparently failed it.. I don’t see how that happened… The book for that class feels like one huge journal about my feelings….

“What do you hope to get out of your college experience”

Uh… a degree….


My third class will be English Composition 101. I think this is the one I’m the most thrilled about… I could have read this book through last night.. It’s really engaging and the start of REAL college thinking. Again, calling myself old, but I’m pretty cemented in a lot of my ways of thinking..I think I’m going actively try to play Devil’s Advocate against my own way of thinking… Why not? Anyone can argue any case put before them with enough evidence. Maybe at least once…. 

And I’ve had yet another hiccup with the college… They are having a first year student orientation this evening. I had received an email about having to rsvp before the 15th. Well the first week of August I’m there and I asked about signing up. I was told that you didn’t need to sign up anymore. Just go and you’ll be fine.. So I asked the clerk relieving me if she could come early so I could make it on time….

Call today to see what time the thing starts.. and she informed me that I wasn’t on the list.. 

Well damn because I didn’t sign up..

I’m out of luck.. Whatev… 

I just want my student ID so I can use the fitness center between classes… 

Well.. now I know what I’m going to attempt during my first hour window break…. yay.. 






3 thoughts on “My last day at work

  1. D’aw! You guys are so cute! 😛 I seriously miss my old job; I worked nights and weekends at a car dealership service department. I got paid to read magazines and draw. LOL

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