My last Monday at work!

I apologize now because this post is going to intentionally be ALL OVER THE PLACE!

That’s how my emotions are. I still can’t feel secure losing my measly paycheck. What if something happens! I’m jumping into a huge unknown new world/lifestyle and it’s frightening.

I finally chose my bag for school. After not receiving any comments about it until after I had purchased the bag a day later (thanks to everyone that did give me their advice) I asked my little fashionista her opinion. She looked at both and decided that neither were for me. Instead she chose this one for me:


It feels like a happy medium between the two other bags. Now here’s hoping it comes in time for me to use it for my first day of classes.. NEXT MONDAY!

I see that I have 72 followers. I am in awe with how my tiny niche of WordPress is growing. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read what I want to put out in the world. I’ve decided that once I reach 100 followers I am going to randomly select one of you to receive a handmade gift. It’s not much but I’d love to give something back to show how thankful I am.

I also FINALLY did my  about me page.. Check it out.. tell me what needs to be improved upon and so on. I am open to suggestions 😉


8 thoughts on “My last Monday at work!

  1. I love the bag and the ‘about me’! I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it without my working two days per week, but…somehow…6 months later, here we are! 🙂

  2. Loving that bag :). And I’m sure you’ll be fine not working, after all, most students don’t work :P. I know they’re not in the same situation or anything, but still. It’ll be fine 🙂

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