Star Trek: The Next Next Generation.

Netflix can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you can watch an entire series, from start to finish, at your own convenience. I’ve learned though, that after you devote so much time to a certain series, Β it can be emotionally gut wrenching to deal with the loss of a show after it’s complete. You’ve watched 100+ episodes in a span of a few weeks/months. And suddenly.. it’s done.. they’re gone.. I know I’m a dramtic sort, but it feels like I’ve lost some very dear friends. 😦

I finished Star Trek: The Next Generation. It stirred up a lot of childhood emotions, because it’s something I remember vividly watching with my dad on a tiny 8 inch screen in bed. I remember the characters, and vividly Worf’s son who actually didn’t turn out to be in a lot of episodes.

It was a show that I could let my kids sneak a peak at, and pass on the Star Trek geekiness. At our local movie theatre they had a Star Treck pin ball machine and my kids nerded out big time when they saw it. I was absolutely delighted and proud that my kids found it before I did.

And imagine my delight when I found that they had turned our new water heater box into the USS Enterprise:

Meet Captain Miss of the USS and Enterprise and her First Officer.




10 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Next Next Generation.

  1. I only watched the whole series through a couple months ago so I get what you mean. Its like losing a little bit of yourself. I took refuge in ST:Voyager to fill the hole.

  2. I had only ever watched TNG before my husband came along….but he convinced me to watch all the different series(es?) And I loved all of them. Looking forward to introducing the kids to it. πŸ™‚

    1. I was a small child when I used to watch it with my dad. I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand it at all but I loved every minute of it.. and got to appreciate the show on a more advanced level now that I’m older. πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh weird…I thought my first post didn’t go through. Ah well.

        When my son was 3 he wore a captain Picard uniform for Halloween, complete with bald cap (we wore trek costumes too). Yup, official nerds.

  3. Hi, lovely to stumble across your blog. Thanks for the like on my latest post too :). I haven’t actually seek Star Trek, but I definitely want to sooner rather than later! Looking forward to more of your posts too. P.s. if the voting’s still open on which bag you should get, I vote the childish one πŸ™‚

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