This week STINKS



Our hot water heater apparently has been leaking for some time. Maybe that’s what caused the leak downstairs.. I dunno.. One look from hubby, and a lot of sailor talk (ie cursing) resulted in the need for a new water heater which he assured me was something he could do. 

He was so stressed about it, and the party (I might have invited his chief.. and I have had prior knowledge that he has a great dislike for said chief… and the chief MIGHT have come to the party with his kids) so I felt I owed him a night out. We went and saw THE Wolverine (don’t forget THE in front of Wolverine.)

When we came home.. The yard smelled.. skunky.. 


We walked into the house and the house smelled REALLY skunky… 

It was bad. Like vomit in the mouth wanting to run away.. 

My mom, ever so casually, informed us that she THINKS the dog got skunked. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to be funny or truly wasn’t sure. 



So I sniff the dog, but it was hard to tell if he had got skunked. The carpet and the couch and just everything he had rubbed up on for the two hours we were gone, however, REAKED of skunk. A dog can he be hosed down, tomato pasted, or just left outside to air out for all I care.. but MY CARPET AND COUCH! What the F mom.. 

I had maintained a very positive mind set through the day. With all I had to deal with I am surprised.  At some point I had sprained my right wrist so I was one handed.But I was getting it DONE. And I reminded myself that my house was a wreck. So if the house is going to leak and stink, at least it was now when the house was trashed. 

I spent six hours on Sunday boiling water because the hubby was able to at least route cold water through the house for the morning/afternoon. Between giving the dog an extensive bath, and shampooing the carpets and scrubbing the couch I was seriously no closer to getting that skunk smell out. 


My mom came home from work. And no lie, the first things out of her mouth were “It still smells like skunk in here.” 


I lost it on her. I take A LOT of inconveniences from her. Even saints like me have a breaking point. I asked what the hell was wrong with her, leaving a dog that you THINK is skunked about the house?! What lack of common effin sense does you have?! Apparently she tried calling, to which a: we’re at a movie and you’re supposed to turn your phone off and b: if you can’t handle a situation like this why in the hell should I leave my kids with you?! 

Hubby bought a new hot water heater but it’s yet to be fully installed. I have been without running water for four days now. It’s been challenging, but I am a resilient person. 

Without the ability to wash clothes, we went back to school shopping for clothes a bit earlier than I wanted to. We’ve been showering at the hotel and bringing water back with us to drink/ flush the toilets. We’ve been eating out way too much because there’s no dishes clean to cook or eat with.. 

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to visit a local laundromat.. Just another adventure to be had! 



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