College Bound!

Take that chicken pox!Image

(Image borrowed from

My blood is immune!

Which means I have to finally come to terms with the fact that I am indeed starting college.

It blows my mind the last minute actions of my soon to be college freshman peers. I had a question so I went to the admissions office. Every single one of the 4 people in front me wanted to schedule an appointment with a counselor and they couldn’t until they had provided immunization records and could sign up for classes that day..

Makes my stress and ordeal suddenly less stressful….

I’ve notified all our long term guests of my departure. Maybe I’ll be back, I dunno. I offered to work the desk on Sundays if the hubby has duty or is out to sea. I also offered to work the desk for 2-3 weeks during the break so my mom can take some time off, but again, I dunno. A clean break from here will be scary and refreshing at the same time. I’ve been here 11 1/2 years. And my uncle is registering me on a leave of absence.  So.. technically still an employee…

With that in mind I’ve decided to treat myself to a new bag. I can’t decide on these two:

5Bag2 5Bag

The first one.. Makes me feel mature yet fun..  The other makes me feel vibrant and lighthearted…I’m on the fence…



4 thoughts on “College Bound!

  1. I personally like the first bag 🙂 But I will admit, from what I know about you, I think the second one is totally YOU!

    Welcome to college life my friend! I have been going to college (online of course, but college still the same) Since November of 2010! I will have my associates at the end of this year and I am going back for my bachelors, good luck! It is a lot of fun! (I think anyway, but I love homework!)

      1. I will have my associates in criminal justice and I am going back for my bachelor’s in criminal justice with a focus in human resources. I want to work with children and youth.

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