Party like a Rock Star

Yesterday was a really great, and yet frustrating day. Everything kind of worked out… We need a new boiler which hubby will get today.. And then will need to hire professional peeps to come in and clean up the extensive water damage.. and mold that apparently was starting to form… That’s… awesome.. Isn’t it funny how things work out like that.. Suddenly you’re saving $$$ from refinancing the house.. and the house feels it’s due that money anyway…. such is life… 

The party went really well. I skipped my thai classes to prep for the party. Weighed in though. 4 lbs down!! Woot! My mom took the kids to karate so I could be by myself and just focus on getting what needed to be situated taken care of before they arrived for the party…I got to the hotel and saw that all the decorations had fallen.. ok not all.. but the ones that took forever to put up were the ones to fall down… GAH! 

The party itself was awesome:










When we got home the hubby was frustrated with the boiler/house that I took him out for a bit. He’s a huge Wolverine fan, so we decided to see the movie… It was really good…

But when we got home.. our house reeked (and still does) of skunk… My mom said the dog got sprayed by a skunk… So for two hours she let him rub up all over the carpet and the couch and anything he wanted to try to get the stink off… SERIOUSLY?! 

I just can’t catch a break this week… Damn!


4 thoughts on “Party like a Rock Star

  1. Oy! I’ve never had to deal with skunk and I think I prefer it that way! What was she thinking?! I’m glad the party was awesome though! 🙂

    1. Ugh.. I hope you never have to either… I’ve been dealing with it all day… And with no hot water it’s been a challenge! I’ve had to boil looooots of water lol… Tomato paste kind of worked….Had to shampoo the carpet and the couch… :/ kind of worked…

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