Unicorns DO exist!


My husband should be home from duty any minute now…

To a house that is completely trashed

With no running water

And a wife on the verge of snapping…..

The Miss’ party is this afternoon. In between working and broken cars and more football practice than I can stomach, I have been attempting to plan a birthday party…

It never fails that when I’m trying to do something regarding this party.. something happens… Like a huge leak in the boiler room. My father in law showed me two ways how to fix a leak last summer.. but when I saw the leak I seriously snapped..There’s been a lot of pressure on me this week…

Instead of going to the garage cursing and screaming… I shut off the water and declared us in third world country mode for the night and went back to party prepping. The hubby can fix it after the party.

I asked my mom if she could take my son to football practice because I was SWAMPED with birthday party stuff…She said no… for like the first time ever…Well fine..wow…I sucked it up and got him ready…but when she saw the state of the house, and my frazzled self she recanted and ended up taking him..

Loreli and I headed over to the hotel to start setting up for the party. Things are going fine… until my father in law’s girlfriend calls.. And then I’m stuck on the phone with her for half an hour (maybe more..it felt more) because she’s rightfully upset about a few things.. You can’t just say “Oh gee this is a really bad time to be calling.. Me hanging up decorations is way more important than you needing to vent.” I sucked it up and did what I could with one hand and a 5 year old opening everything…. sneaking 5 too many starbursts and then going on a super sugar/excitement high.

We were able to get a little done…

ImageLoreli and I spent hours making those letters…




In other party related news:

Originally Miss had wanted her birthday party at the Nature Center like her little boyfriend’s. One of the things I love about Miss is that she knows what she wants, and will not settle for less… Very frustrating now, but I know it will be a valuable asset when she grows up. She wanted a unicorn party. As you can imagine, a Nature Center, which primarily focuses on the wildlife you can find in your own backyard within New England, did not have a unicorn party theme. When they made it clear that they didn’t have a unicorn option, Miss stormed out of there saying she refused to have her party there.


Have I ever mentioned that I am the first generation of American on my mother’s side… She of course.. is from Scotland..

All the proof Miss needs folks… Unicorns DO exist ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Unicorns DO exist!

  1. I’m looking at the base of the toilet…from my desk…through the wall. Yuuuup. I crumple into the fetal position at the mention of the ‘L’ [-E-A-K] word.

    However, the party looks really good! ๐Ÿ˜€

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