He has returned!


The first underway post deployment has come and gone.

A lot can happen in 3 weeks… I seem to forget that until we play the recap game.. Where we sit and have a few minutes together to get caught up with each other’s lives.

It can also show you how much you have NOT done….

Like how the carpet cleaner is still in the living room.. moved only long enough to be vacuumed around and then put back….

I’m going to recap my underway list and see how well (or not well I did)

1. Wallpaper…… It lives to see another underway

2. Master the lawnmower……..Yeah would help to master it if I could turn it on…. I couldn’t find the key… That makes the house 2 to my 0 ..

3. Learn, and perform, the lyrics to Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. <~ Actually the kids and I practiced this quite a few times. But if the words aren’t on the karaoke machine it’s not going to happen…

4. Finish the Poppy Cross Stitch.


Seriously, I couldn’t have taken the 5 minutes to finish this?! I ran out of the thread to back stitch a certain portion. Which means I have to find a suitable color to replace it in my stash… Not a big deal.. but it’s easier to just stitch what I do have immediately in front of me…

Way to be lazy Faith.

4. Progress on this goal! I got quite a bit accomplished on this piece:


Those two hour football practices have been good for something!

6. Yeah I didn’t come close to 30 miles on the treadmill..I clocked in 6….

7. Get Car #1 serviced…. SUCCESS! Wooo! Cross that one off!

8. Get Hellspawn Car serviced.. This was actually the first thing I was able to cross off the list… but then in the last week I had to bring it BACK in… Hopefully it’s good to go now

9. Hand make Miss’ b-day invitations.. Epic fail.. bought the supplies but never had the time to actually sit down and make them… 😦 We have spent a lot of this week hand making the decorations for her party. So I think that will even things out a bit…


This is probably THE worst I’ve ever done on my underway to-do list… I guess I should be thankful there’s always another underway around the corner to redeem myself…


3 thoughts on “He has returned!

  1. Good! I’m not the only one that sees the carpet cleaner and thinks, “Now would be a good time to…do something else!” LOL (We have a couch and a rug that both need to be deep cleaned. They will be the last things crossed off of my own list!)

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