The meme says it all……..



There are just not enough hours in the day folks. My list is the LEAST of my to-do concerns at this point.

I made a detailed list of supplies/ what needs to be done for Miss’ birthday party coming up. I had no inspiration to get it done until yesterday.. her party is this Saturday.. Way to go Faithie.. 

I didn’t even hand make invitations like I used to.. It was facebook e-vite this year… 

Birthday preparations are in the works..Most of the things I want to do are very time consuming..It’s really made me realize that I don’t have a plethora of time like I used to.. 

I finally got my car in to be serviced.. It took THREE hours… With two kids in a small waiting room was nerve wracking. I had brought my hybrid XPS and the kids played on it until the battery died.. but after that it was the three of us bored out of minds watching the View. 

Fortunately the repairs were 1/3 of what I was expecting them to be… A few extra hours and then save some money.. OK by me! 

Except it threw the ENTIRE day off. I didn’t get to run. We had no quiet time which is my mid day attempt at regaining sanity with stitching/coffee. I didn’t get any cleaning done in the house .. 

We were able to get a few things checked off the list for her party though… Before my son had both karate and football.. I am majorly impressed with how well my son is handling things. He had no complaints about doing karate and then rushing to football. I’ve been told by some parents that the novelty of football has started to wear off for some kids. The coaches are no longer patient. It’s do what I say or your arms and legs will feel like jelly in the morning. My son is well versed in this type of regime due to the marital arts, so he has yet to have to extra push ups or running. Some kids just haven’t caught on…lol My son is hooked. He was upset he didn’t make the B division but they said no first year kids made that team.  More incentive for next year 😉


I had to bring hellspawn car back in AGAIN this morning because the check engine light was on..AGAIN.. This time I dropped it off mainly because I left my purse at home…woops! I’d be glad to just leave it there forever.. If only…. 




2 thoughts on “The meme says it all……..

  1. There have definitely been a few cars that I was doing the happy nekkid dance to see finally go! I hope Chris takes/sticks to basketball as well as your son has!

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