Give it all you’ve got son…

The weather outside, although beautiful, has me in a bit of a panic. It is brisk out there… As I was taking the trash out I wondered if I should get a light sweater..I mentally shot it down, because damnit… It’s only the first week of August. It’s still summer….Now I’m at work.. shivering because I was too stubborn…

How quickly summers go. Soon school will starting. My 5 year old, who I call my tail, will be leaving my side. It’s been 8 years since I was truly alone. My husband very rarely takes them out on his own, and it’s usually been because I was sicker than sick. Three hours I think has been the longest period of time where I was left to my own devices.

Only 21 days until school starts for myself. (Assuming my titre results comes in time for them not to cancel my classes…) No pressure or anything.. Life is just going to never be the same….

Aww… Faithie ever the dramatic one…

My son started football last week.


It’s a huge commitment. Before we signed up we had a sit down. We explained the huge amount of time and energy that gets devoted to this kind of sport. We made an importance triangle..


Chores and homework

Karate 2x a week and Dream Team

Football Practices 3x a week and Games

I have already staked my claim as a mother that means what she says.. So he understands that when I say I will not take you to practice if your homework is not done before it’s time to go.. you will not go… If you do not have 2 karate classes under your belt for the week.. do not expect to go to football practice the following week until you’ve made up those two classes. You don’t have a good enough excuse for missing practices and you don’t play in the games… It’s a lot for an 8 year old to be responsible for, but I support his passion and attempt.

My mother hasn’t said it, but she has hinted that she feels my son’s load will be a little on the high side. I actually agree. But, especially within the martial arts, we are taught to constantly push your limits. You will never fully know your limits unless you are constantly and vigilantly taking the time to redefine them. It doesn’t mean you won’t fall flat on your face. You might even have to take a few, or many steps back. The challenge is always in getting back up, dusting yourself on and trying again.

To have such passion at 8 is rare, and I wouldn’t do anything to squash it. The older kids that he admires at the dojo all have other sport commitments. One in particular is also in the same football league just higher up. I’ve seen these kids go through intense power weekends (a testing time period for black belt candidates). I’ve seen these kids get up at 5 am and train for 4 hours. Play in a sporting game and then go back to martial arts training for a few hours. I asked one of these kids how they felt about the pressure of it all and if they felt overwhelmed. The kid laughed and said he LOVED it. It was tough but worth every moment. Crazy…

What I worry most, is when he’ll have time to be a kid..I’ve already tried to keep things balanced. I’ve always made sure they had ample down time to just do what what they want.. Hell get bored out of their minds so they can learn to cope with entertaining themselves without constant outside stimuli. My son is great at it, a little too great at it. Ask his first grade teacher about the Spi-bot infestation of 2011. When he would get bored in first grade his hands became spider cyborgs hell bent on taking over the world. This world within his mind was so detailed and vivid <~ we just had to work on when it was appropriate to delve into that world.

Only time will tell if he can handle all that has chosen to put on his plate….


2 thoughts on “Give it all you’ve got son…

  1. It’s different for everyone, but I function and feel better when there’s a bit of pressure. (Hence the six classes in a semester, rainbow colored schedule. LOL) This reminds me that I need to stay on top of finding the boys something to do…they’ve only had to deal with school work the past few years and then they seem to get nothing done as well, especially the older one. He wants to sign up for Basketball at the Y.

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