Challenge Accepted


Honestly…….I felt the demonstration was a disaster. It was last minute for one thing.. Which to me isn’t a big deal… We get instructed to do things all the time.. So as long as the instructions are clear I thought we could manage… But they weren’t clear…. My instructor above is just about one of the best instructors I’ve had…when it comes to individual training. He is great on details.. but when it comes to groups.. he tells us to do something… then second guesses it and has us do something completely different.. I chalk it up to being a student himself for 12 years and now finding himself as an instructor.. It’s a different world.. And then to have our head instructor down in MD getting certified another level in Krav and then have the city call and ask if you’re doing a performance.. That’s a lot of pressure! When we got to the event he told us what he wanted us to do….ok got it! Then it starts….and he has us do something completely different…it led to us all being confused….I was told by my friends they didn’t see all the confusion we felt…but I think they’re just sparing my feelings.

So….no Hollywood deals in my future anytime …. I suppose life will go on

I’m excited because they started up a second biggest loser challenge at the dojo.. All the dojos start one at the beginning of the year….. but my friends and I persuaded (ie whined and begged) our Sensei to do another one.. The timing worked out last time that she was in training for a muay thai match so she was in need to keep herself motivated. I’m thinking she’s having another match in October so we can have this challenge going on and keep each other in check again…

The last challenge I lost 17 pounds and won second place…. But  I gained 8 back… bummer! I have roughly 10-15 more to go before I’ll consider myself at a healthy weight… In 60 days that is completely obtainable… I think


I decided to take a before pic…. Man i think it all went to my belly! Gotta work on those abs!

The challenge runs until October 4th. Wish me luck!!!


One thought on “Challenge Accepted

  1. I hate that! The management team at my last employer was that way with giving directions, only it was three or four people on any given night and they each had their own ideas about what needed to get done and how to best complete that objective. It made me so angry on more than one occasion that I nearly walked out, and I’m not the sort of person who does that. … I also gain weight in all the same places! If you see me from the chest up, you’d think I was uber thin. But then…there’s my tummy/hips/thighs. >.< I work abs at least a little bit almost every day and am trying to stay on top of the cardio so that my effort actually shows through, but it is tough!

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