Curse you chicken pox!!!!!!!

I am livid..Like I just exhausted myself in Krav… no energy to move my limbs…then RAWR I get incensed and I could punch a hole in the wall.  Repeatedly…

I’ve been having issues with my enrollment in college..the beginning of the story is here: College Bound

This college ordeal has been nothing but a time consuming massive headache. I feel like I’ve been sitting on a fence in between going to college and how my life is now. I’ve rationalized that of course I haven’t dived into the college life yet. First of all, it hasn’t officially happened. EVERYTHING is going to change the last week of August and I’ll jump on that side o f the fence when that time comes..Each step I’ve had to take, I look back on how things are and think… well life wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t go to school. I could work more if I didn’t want to be at home. That means more money..and of course I’d have more time now that both kids are in school… yeah.. <~ That sounds pretty nice actually….more money AND time!

But.. college will reap benefits in the long time.. So each step I continue……..

I went to the college to “declare my major”. Was told to follow up with financial aid and make sure they received the paperwork..ok..called called called… Finally received a phone call THE DAY BEFORE the paper said my classes would be cancelled… Financial aid never received the paperwork needed… Am I surprised…not at this point..I got redirected to the registrar’s office.. Talked to a nice guy <~actually everyone has been nice… but I’d rather deal with a douche who at least knows what they’re doing… They had no copy of my declaration of my major…well where was it supposed to go? To you guys..WTF…. He called five different places..NADA. He finally says the one go to person is busy but it will be handled by 5 pm.

I checked my student page both this morning and this afternoon. Still no financial aid applied to my student page but my classes aren’t cancelled…Yes!..there’s a small miracle.. always be thankful for the small miracles…

Go about my day today wondering if I should have called the registrar’s office, but decided to let it go at least for the day….

Do Krav… almost get a concussion a handful of times… Probably going to have a headache tomorrow.. but it’s ALL GOOD!

Then I get home and see a letter from the college in the mail…..

So…. guess where my declaration of a major went to…




Apparently my declaration of a major was denied…

because I did not provide proof of having the varicella vaccination

Ya know..the stupid fancy word for chicken pox….


I did not get the varicella vaccination because back in MY OLD day of 24 years ago it was the thing to let your kid get the chicken pox, ride it out and be immune to it..

I ended up getting the chicken pox in Kindergarten. I was to be a kick ass blue bird in a play… Had really cool wings and a beak. Got a super cool singing part..I spent hours.. HOURS flying around my house practicing for my part.. and instead of cool wings I spent that evening with oven mitts over my hands to prevent myself from itching… I could have been on Broadway…. I missed my shot at glory!!!! I am only half the person I am now because I was robbed of my chance at the stage…

And now you chicken pox…you’re screwing me over again…

Damn you pox and the chickens you were named after…. evilChicken

Defeated I put this on facebook:

I am LIVID..Thanks <insert college name)… maybe I’ll try again next semester 

My friends asked me what was wrong.. I detailed the issue.. and I had quite a few people who had similar issues with this college and the complete lack of communication..even some who had the chicken pox issue… It is way too last minute to get this vaccine now… not like I would even think of getting it… But a few people, who had this issue with chicken pox, told me to get a titre (fancy word for bloodwork) done to show my immunity of the chicken pox vaccine and they will accept that..

The issue at hand though.. is getting that done before they cancel my classes. I’ve had like 7 different people tell me that they wouldn’t.. but I keep getting emails/letters that say differently.. Like I could really trust any of these people anymore… If they drop my classes I’m screwed…I checked.. classes are slim pickings now.. I can’t work any of the times into my schedule…

And then I dunno if I even want to fight it… I am tired… maybe I should take this semester off instead of just diving in…… Is this even really worth all the fighting for????



2 thoughts on “Curse you chicken pox!!!!!!!

  1. O.o Shhhh!! Don’t tell my school! I have neither the vaccine nor am I really able to run out and have blood work done to ‘prove’ that I itchy blisters from hell EVERYWHERE! … Another thing that you learn very quickly in college: People (and businesses, the college itself included) will threaten to do shtuff that they won’t follow through on. The beginning of every semester, we’re sent warning emails that have big, bold letters at the top that say, “If your classes are not paid for in full by X-date, then you be removed from classes!!” and then, somewhere, on another web page, it says that you’re cool if you have financial aid monies in the works and the right approvals for them to take the tuition out of it. That goosed me last Spring. And then you get the teachers that put out the syllabuses and threaten to drop you from their class and wreck havoc upon that financial aid that you just bent over backwards to get if you miss more than two of their classes. Then stuff happens and you miss two classes…then your daughter looks at you in the rearview mirror on the way to the sitters before class and horks up everything she ate for breakfast. You miss a third day and…the world doesn’t end. You’re still enrolled in the class. You find out the truth: They try to scare the jerks of the world into behaving. Only…it doesn’t usually work, it just stresses the people that are trying to do the right thing out. >.<

    1. Thanks.. I mean it REALLY sucks that this is common practice.. but makes me feel a bit better to know that it’s not just me getting screwed over..I’m not a young niave student… I will not let this go without creating some waves. Everything I’ve endured was completely unnecessary. Hopefully I can get the bloodwork done and in a timely manner..

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