It’s the little things….

My computer came with this flimsy keyboard that is awesome… but flimsy.. I can type something onto my computer from an entire room away…If someone can think of a cool reason to use that function other than to type POOP repeatedly while I’m playing on the computer in the bathroom while Miss is in her bath, I’d love to hear it…. 😉  

The keyboard has a bad habit of being left in unfortunate places…not by me! but my little minions..  Yesterday they left it on the couch and when my son hit the recliner button it flew…. Flimsy and light! The space button, yet again, came off… My husband is a fix it man to the core.. He has fixed the thing on more than one occasion.. I.. I am a smash the button back in place person…. it doesn’t have as much of a success rate…I am now having to overly press on the space button and it’s really ruining my blog mojo… 

This is causing me to have a mini meltdown this morning.. WHERE IS MY HUSBAND TO FIX THIS! Curse you NAVY!!! I have three vehicles in need of repair, a shower head that the cousin broke off, and a boiler that has decided to leak.. 

And it’s a bloody space bar that breaks me….

Doesn’t that just figure….

In times like these it’s where focusing on the LIST is crucial… Summer has been keeping me from really focusing on it… I did get one vehicle fixed….stitching up the wedding sampler has been going along splendidly… 

The list is going to have to wait though  because today we are going to the beach! We are going to build an epic sandcastle with a freaking MOAT. 



3 thoughts on “It’s the little things….

  1. I need to come up with my own list. No deployments, but having a month with nothing much to do except deal with one particular crazy person in my life that I, unfortunately, cannot shake? This cannot be good… Off to make a list! 🙂

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