Wacky Wednesday folks!!!!!

Caution: This post is going to be so chalk full of awesome your eyes might explode…… 

It has been a week since the Mister left for an underway. Usually the first week is the WORST. It’s when you’re struggling to deal with being partnerless for a period of time and trying to figure out that groove again.. 

Fortunately? I was beyond sick the past 13 days (Gah!) that I was pretty oblivious that the first week had come and gone.. Score one for team Faith!

We had one awesomely jam packed yesterday. 

First of all… We declared it Monster Day:




The fun was getting to play outside, the marker smearing and spending forever reapplying.. The kids were just about every type of monster yesterday…..

I did a little upkeep in the garden…



I have really big plans for next year’s garden…. I learned a lot this year!

And if you can believe it: I finished another page in Starry Night!!!!

ImageSo close to be done…. I dunno what I’m going to do when this is complete.. I’m going to feel like a stitchy orpan… 😦


Last night we went to the local speedowl place.. As monsters of course:


The kids had a blast…. 



My fun was ruined when the youth division had a major accident that resulted in one or two of the kids being rushed to the hospital.. For all the people that gave me dirty looks about my kid’s faces – You support a sport where kids whose voices hadn’t even changed never mind being old enough to have a REAL driver’s licence race at high speeds in cars going way above the speed limit on the highway… Don’t judge.. I really hope those kids are ok and I’ve googled my little heart out and can’t find any information 😦 

The kids had a really good time!! Fortunately my son hasn’t dared to ask to be a driver after that accident 

All in all though.. it was a good day!



3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday folks!!!!!

  1. I will never understand the majority of people. And for that, I’m grateful everyday! You have two adorable little monsters! 🙂

  2. How fun is that? I loved that you let your kids be monsters and go out as monsters. I wouldn’t give it a second thought on what other people thought of them being all painted up. Shows that you are a fun mom. I hope the kids are ok as well. that is scary.

    1. Thanks!!! I had one person for some other instance I can’t even remember asked if I cared what people thought of my parenting when I took them out once. What I responded with pretty much sums up my parenting style “I’m way more concerned about what my kids think of me than what random strangers do” I have some the most well behaved and educated kids.. So I must be doing something right 😉

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