A little experiment

Awhile back, probably before I stopped watching cable. There was a commercial about this soon to be mom with twins. She was going shopping as newly moms apparently love to do (was never one to like baby shopping)… Her card that she used had this feature that rounded up her bill to an even number.. and the change from the purchase would be put into her savings…


I like to do experiments here and there..

So I decided to switch over the change in our accounts to one savings account to see how much I can save in a month. In two days alone I’ve already saved $2.72. <~ Doesn’t seem like a lot does it… but! That $2.72 averages out to $1.36 a day… Which would be $40.80 a on a 30 day month.. $489.60 a year… It’s small squirrel type things like this which make me have any savings at all…

As I get more into this experiment I might even round up every purchase rather than just do it by balance each morning.. Maybe that will be month 2’s experiment

I’ll be rich in no time!!!!!


Money - Black and White Money
Money – Black and White Money (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Money has always been on my mind.. My mom was horrible with finances (still is atually). My father would give her half of his paycheck every month but he did have a gambling addicton. If she didn’t take it out of his account within a week it was usually gone..I can remember that happening quite often.. The tears my mom would shed because she worked full time as a bartender and honestly needed me as a child to force her out the door to get to the bank..

At 16 I got a job at a jewelry store and used my income to help support the house. By 18 I had taken over the household finances completely and that included the finances of my friend who moved in with us.

I am no means a great budget money person AT ALL.. but I seem to be better than those around me…

My husband had his first glimpse at our budget when I bared it all to his cousin who recently moved in with us. I used our own budget as a template to show her how we get by. My husband used to be very horrible at financing.. He would spend his paycheck the second he got it.. Before we got married, he put me on his account so I could take what I needed to pay his side of the bills. He was shocked to see how much money he makes and how much gets eaten away by bills. How much we spend grocery shopping and in gas. It was a sobering moment for both him and his cousin. Since then, when I tell him we can’t afford something, he seems to be less petulant about it…

As of today I still carry my mother’s bills.. Other than her car payment, I am responsible for everything else.. cell phone, car insurance, rent… She gives me a certain monetary amount and I get to keep what’s left over as “rent”. My husband gets a certain monetary allotmet and I work my magic with the rest.

He has no idea how much we have in savings because we both agree it would make him want to spend it. We have a little bit of money set aside for the kids that I’ve been squirreling some money into.

We refinanced our house a month ago which will save us almost $600 a month..We had agreed that when I start school it’s in my best interest to stop working twice a week. I’ll be in school three days a week. I’ll have my martial arts commitments. My son will be in football and with my husband’s schedule I’ll very much be doing it all alone…

I dunno.. Working twice a week I make roughly $600 a month.. so budget wise things will even out.. I just dunno.. Things happen..Isn’t the goal as you get older to be saving more money.. and to stop just gettng by?..Then I flip flop and realize I am responsible for a lot.. and if things have to be a bit tighter so I can really have time to focus on my schooling then everyone needs to just deal.

Still on the fence I guess…

In the meantime, I’m going to squirrel as much money away as I can if I do decide to stop working while in school…..


2 thoughts on “A little experiment

  1. I’m in the same place in a lot of respects. I could be much better with money and I want to become a better budget-er. Working two days per week and going to school was rough and I’m glad I’m doing that anymore, but now all of my income comes from grants and loans… It’s…an interesting adventure. Make sure you’re getting the pell grant; Sean didn’t even know about it when he started back to school and missed a semester of it. >.< It does little more than cover books and tuition, but that little bit more could be more into savings or for groceries or whatever emergency creeps up.

  2. I’ve always been EXCELLENT with finances, and it still blows my mind when I meet someone that has barely heard of a budget, much less used one. And then I find out that people who are this bad with money are the majority. Like seriously, how can you possibly not have a handle on your income and outflow in this day and age? No wonder the economy is so bad. Good lord. That said, I wish my bank had a Keep the Change program like BOA’s. I mean I could do it myself, but I hate what’s involved with keeping track of little, numerous things like that.

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