Self Defense


I recently had a friend become an consultant for a company I had never heard before.


As a martial artist, and one who currently studies Krav Maga, she wanted to know my opinion on this company.

I told her that anything that promotes safety in women is a good thing.


First of all, most of the good things, like the stun guns aren’t even legal in my state.. If I’m getting anything it’s something hard core like a stun gun…

Secondly, just because you have a self defense tool, doesn’t mean you’re equipped to use it properly.

Sometimes I hate doing the same routine over and over in Krav.. but when my instructor randomly attacks me in class.. you bet that muscle memory kicks in. When I first learn something in Krav.. I almost NEVER get it right the first time.. Not that things aren’t pretty basic and self explanatory. It’s just that there is a huge margin between watching someone demonstrate something.. and actually doing it..

So my concern is promoting some of this merchandise without the proper instruction on how to use it. I’m mainly referring to the kubotan keychain thing..I see it’s pretty much just strike at the attacker type thing..  I know it’s not within her consulting description to teach them how to use something.. but I dunno the martial artist in me could never sell this type of merchandise without teaching them HOW to defend themselves with it.

I’d feel like I’m wrapping the item up in a false sense of security.

This reminds me of when I first took Krav. My dojo first introduced it as a 30 minute trial class right before they all got certified to teach it. I was a purple belt in thai and in that stage where you’re too cocky now that you “know everything”. I never took Krav seriously.. If someone “stabbed” me it was a big dramatic affair with me flailing and having my last rights in the middle of the mats. My Kyoshi didn’t find it as funny as everyone else… <~ I’m sorry to every one that teaches self defense who passes my blog.. I was THAT student.. for a time period

My Kyoshi is a big beefy old man. He can intimidate you at first.. but it isn’t long before you realize he’s just a big teddy bear.. So him yelling in my face saying that he could be some guy threatening me or my kids didn’t have the effect he was hoping for..

It wasn’t until a former student who didn’t even last 2 months started taking Krav. By this time I had learned to stop the dramatics but I certainly wasn’t taking it seriously. I partnered with this guy, who was a good two feet taller then me and had muscles that his shirt couldn’t cope with. After the class we were all cooling down when he commented that of all the women in class (there were maybe 6-7) he said if he was going to attack anyone of them it would be me.

I laughed and asked him if I sucked that bad at it….

He replied that I’m slight of frame, I’d say petite. I have a pleasant and approachable attitude that makes it easy for someone to just come up to me. I am too trusting and innocent. IE- the perfect target.

Putting the creepy factor aside……


That lit a fire within me.. So you think that I am an EASY target?

I’ll show you!!!!!!

The beauty I’ve learned from Krav, is that it doesn’t solely rely on your strength or build. It’s designed to use the natural leverage and strength within yourself. They teach you a certain way to defend.. but in that you learn the natural rhythm of your body. The best thing about Krav is that ANYTHING that defends yourself is the right move.  Anything that would get you home at the end of the day is a win..

I have made it my mission to be the Queen of Krav. 😉 Other than my Sensei I think I’m certainly due that title now. Funny how in a year you can go from being the class clown to knocking down burly 6ft men like they’re rag dolls.

That last line maybe a slight dramatization.. 😉


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