First “Loves”


I can remember my first “love”. It was in first grade. I sat next to a little boy who had a mullet  . We used to have to copy paragraphs off of the blackboard. I remember we would race. And when we’d finish we’d put our hand out to the other and wait until the other was done. We wouldn’t hold hands but they would touch. I can vividly remember blushing and giggling each time. Halfway during the school year he moved away. I remember sneaking well beyond my limits in Navy Housing to his house for one last goodbye. His mom gave us grape juice and to this day when a military family moves away, or I drink grape juice from one of those mini carton containers I think of him for a nanosecond.

I can’t remember his name, but I remember him and how connected I felt to him at such a young age.

I now see my daughter growing up. 6 months ago she had had 18 boyfriends. Any boy who was her friend was also her boyfriend.

It was like a children’s version of Bachlorette. Complete with boys throwing fists to be the one to sit next to her. Teenage years are going to SUCK if this the precedent. Boys instantly accept her as one of their own. She dresses so girly, but is a walking encyclopedia of everything “boyish” thanks to her daddy and brother.

One little boy made the cut. The two “munchkins” as L calls herself and P. They are the only kids their age range in the dojo’s performance group. Every week they would get private lessons with one black belt to prepare them for a recent performance where they stole the show. Now their ego’s are sky high and during it all they’ve become inseparable at the dojo.  You rarely see one without the other.

When I signed L up for Kindergarten she erased her last name from a dry erase board and asked me how to spell P’s last name. She said she planned on marrying P and she wanted the school to know her as Mrs. P. I made her re-write ours. A few weeks later we got some information from the school in the mail and she was mad they hadn’t changed her name. I asked her if she had shown the school her marriage certificate. She said she didn’t know what that was…Then you’re not married 😉

Their relationship recently had a hiccup. Her boyfriend was feeling especially rough with L on a day she wanted nothing to do with being rough. Girls.. they’re fickle creatures..He found it funny to hit her and get a reaction from L. L broke up with him on the spot, saying she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.. The next day L informed me that P better not be at the dojo. When he showed up she was infuriated! She told him he better not think of hitting her.. What’s a 6 year old boy to think other than to use it to taunt her? He said he was going to hit her. She didn’t flinch, she walked right off the mats and tattled to his momma.. Who was promptly ready to put her son in his place..

Well, turns out he was just hitting her…. because when he did he got to hug her and say sorry…

What he failed to realize is that my daughter doesn’t put up with that..I have to admit I played into it  bit.. Enforcing the mentality that it’s not ok for your boyfriend to lay hands on you..

My daughter… the ice queen. Last week she gave P the cold shoulder.. He did every boy thing he could possibly think of to get her attention. Faces.. jumping around in her sight..She wouldn’t acknowledge whatsoever. She refused to even sit next to him, even though they are the highest ranking in their group and are supposed to sit by rank. She refused to partner with him leaving him with L’s nemesis.

Although, the little girl in the corner of pic (L’s nemesis) was quite thrilled with the breakup. She did everything to be the next girlfriend of P’s and I think P played into it to hopefully to make L jealous. Didn’t phase L at all.. Poor P looked miserable all week.

After the week was through, L finally talked to P. I saw P doing his best to carry her around saying he was going to throw her in the trash. L giggled away saying she was too big for him to carry. As we were leaving she paused at the door and said “I have decided to love P again.”

Back to holding hands and being the yin to each other’s yang,

I dramatized a lot of the goings on of these two. Pretty obvious right?

This is my daughter’s first “love”. I wonder if she’ll remember him as her first innocent love. Both are military brats, so the chances of them actually being in each other’s lives for very much longer seems very rare.


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