Summer is here!


It’s going to be really hard to top this as my favorite summer pic. Good thing I have the entire summer to try.

Yesterday kicked off summer in our household! No more second grade! No more going to the bus stop to be ignored by my old neighbor who thinks I’m the plague or something. It’s dirty toes and wild adventures! Concerts in the parks, speedbowls, camping trips and lots and lots of ice cream from the little farm down the road.. 

Can you tell I LOVEEEEEEEEE summer????

Yesterday the kids and I enjoyed some grilling at the dojo. Laid outside talking to my Kyoshi for a bit. It’s every bit feeling like my kids have another grandfather in their lives and who couldn’t use some extra patriarchal love? Then we headed off to the first concert in the park, where my daughter boogied on the basketball courts with a bunch of girls. My son was testing his new found freedom to go a little farther than I used to let him. I curbed the woman inside who freaked out at letting him so far. He was still in sight. He ended up taking his shoes off at some point and slicing his toe open. Then he said he had a headache so we left earlier than expected. Only for him to vomit at home. So we snuggled and watched  a movie before I realized it was 10:30! My daughter had put herself to bed before then. My son wanted to stay up as late as possible so I let him lounge on the couch while I went to bed. He crawled into bed maybe 15 minutes later. 

I think all in all it was still a successful first day of summer! 




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