Devil’s Hopyard



For Father’s Day my family and I went to Devil’s Hopyard. I haven’t been since my sophomore year of high school. My husband has never been and his dad really wanted to go so it seemed the best place to celebrate Father’s Day. 

From Go New : 

While it’s a matter of debate how Devil’s Hopyard State Park obtained its rather unusual name, the most colorful story directly involves Chapman Falls. According to stories that likely originated with early Connecticut settlers, the “potholes” at the base of the falls were created by the devil when he accidentally dipped his tail in the water. Outraged, the devil hopped all about, leaving indentations with his fiery hooves. We know today, of course, that the potholes actually have a geological explanation. They were formed in places where trapped rocks spun with the current, wearing depressions in the rock.


ImageMy daughter posing with her feet in one of the smaller potholes. 





The waterfall is impressive to say the least.. 



We also hiked some of the trails. My kids are super troopers. The trail we took was mostly at an incline and we passed many people who weren’t as equipped to endure the hike. 





This had been painted on the bridge that leads to the trails:

“Here you find yourself”




It was a good day 🙂




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