Garden Skillz



    I took a few horticulture classes in high school. I was enrolled in an agricultural sciences program in high school. For the first year and a half you cycle through all of the departments roughly 2-3 times. 

    The horticulture classes were fun, but not my cup of tea. I learned the basics about plant growth and development. How to transplant them… Learned how to landscape and yadda yadda. We even visited the teacher’s house…. His gardens deserved to be on HGTV stunned

    Unfortunately most of the knowledge  I brain dumped the SECOND I could pick an agriculture major.. I think the only thing I really retained was that soil and dirt are two completely things… Supposidly.. shy

    When we moved to this house almost 5 years ago I was met with a green thumb challenge… The previous owners had set up roughly 6 different garden areas. Two in the front broken up by the doorway. One to the side adjacent to the other gardens. One in the back where the Garage meets the main house. One around the well area..And lastly one centered around a rock near our driveway.

    5 years ago and I’ve barely been able to manage the main one near the walkway… 

    I try every year.. and I learn a little more each time.. Progress is progress… 

    This is what the garden looked the first summer we lived here :


    I learned that the big plants there.. are hostas.. Which are BEASTS. Seriously.. they look nice when they’re small and I’m sure they were when the previous owners put them there.. but they grow like nobody’s business and soon take over.. As you can see here they got so big they were going onto the walkway. Tony and I ended up breaking them up and putting them along the driveway.. They still grow today, although not as big.. And just when they get to the point of flowering… The damn deer come along and make a meal of them.. DRIVES ME CRAZY. The little bit of orange you see there.. are the only flowering plants that grew in.. Lilies 

    These have become my favorite flowers… Two years ago I went to home depot and purchased four set of these when they were on sale.. Well.. I learned that Lilies if kept to their own devices subdivide like nobody’s business.. After being left alone.. 16 lilies soon become over 140. Last year we developed a lily bug problem 

    Little punks ate through my lilies and although I spent HOURS trying to eradicate them I couldn’t keep up.. and they completely took over….   Well this if MY year with these gardens.. I have spent hours breaking up all the lilies and separating them early on and have been able to keep up on the lily beetle epidemic. I still find one from time to time.. but it’s very rare. I’ve been taking some of the plants from the side garden and moving them over.. Bought LOTS and LOTS of plants to make the garden look nice. I should have waited when it hadn’t been raining and just plain bleck out to take pics.. but here’s what the garden currently looks like: 


2 thoughts on “Garden Skillz

  1. All I could think of as I was reading the first part of this post was Neville Longbottom. I’m not sure why! I also am the worst gardener ever. I have killed every plant that has ever been given to me (because I’ve known better than to buy one myself).

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