Irate Guests and Clerks Thrown Under the Bus



I have spent maybe 20 minutes staring at the “about me” page… ugh.. I have this overwhelming feeling that it’s like I’m being interviewed for a new job.. And at 29 years old I’ve never even had to interview for a job..So really, how I would I know what that feeling is even like?

For the past 11 years I’ve been a front desk clerk for a hotel. For the most part the job has its perks.. I come and go when I feel like.. I mostly work two days a week…. Two measly week days where I get to avoid the weekend rushes. If my youngest feels like she doesn’t want to be away from me for he eight hour shift she can come in with me. I spend the majority of my work shift on facebook or stitching. 

It’s the life for a lazy person….

I do actually have to do SOME work here and there.. interacting with guests.. where “I’m the nicest person they’ve ever seen behind the desk” My phone voice is so sickeningly sweet it makes me want to gag.  I am in charge of writing guest response letters/emails/correspondences because I have a gift of insulting stupidity in a polite way. 

Our hotel is on the older side.. We’re in the middle of the scale for hotels.. We’re not new and fancy and therefore $$$$$.. but we’re not in the dump section either.. Our main reviews are “This an older hotel and could use some renovations but for the price is worth it”

We have become a prime location for sporting groups.. Ugh.. The bane of any hotel I swear. I get out of most of it because I don’t work weekends! But I feel for my other clerks. Sporting groups can go either way.. Either the parents/coaches are on top of things and the kids are loud/excited but give you hope that the next generations might actually turn out ok.. Then you have the next group where the adults are getting shit faced and 10-16 year olds are being left largely unattended. Doors are being taken off rooms and thrown into the woods, eggs are being thrown at unmarked cop cars.. And other guests are being terrorized by late night phone calls and knocks on their doors…

And who is left to handle all these complaints……. 

A few weekends ago there was this ass of a man who stayed a week at our hotel. He was “inconvenienced” by our latest sporting group. I was told the kids were on the good end of sporting groups.. They just happened to have a lot of unusual down time.. So they spent a lot of time in the pool which hey.. that’s what it’s there for. This one douche apparently is anti-kids or thought the whole hotel should be devoted just for him because he complained all weekend long to our night auditor. According to the auditor, he literally put hands on a set of girls and moved them away from the toaster because they were taking too long. He complained about the danishes not being warm and the noise level of the kids. He was pissed off that when he wanted to use the pool there was constantly kids in it. The night auditor, who I admit isn’t the best at handling disputes, said there really wasn’t anything he could do about it.. which every consumer knows is not what they want to hear.. So the guy gets really irate.. Yelling at the auditor..The auditor asked if he wanted to speak to his manager but the guy was beyond listening to anything he had to say at that point.  He just wanted to yell about his injustices and when the auditor just let it go without placating him, he then threatened to slap the auditor.. to which the auditor leaned his cheek to the man and told him if it would make him feel better then ok. The man then got dragged away by his wife .. there’s a comical video of the man grabbing his junk and blowing kisses at the auditor that if it wouldn’t stir up some legal issues I’d post in a heart beat.. 

The wife checks out with my mom (yeah I work with my mom that’s a post in itself) and says not a word… 

We were expecting a complaint through corporate.. We’re required to respond and if possible reach a settlement with the guest within 72 hours. This whole system is ridiculous and bias in favor of the guest.. they don’t give two shits what happened they just want you to acknowledge it and let it forever hold against your ratings without any real judgement if the complaint was legit. 

So the complaint comes through.. of course the sporting team now become a
Future Terrorists of Tomorrow” organization that prevented him from eating any breakfast.. the pool area was closed when he wanted to use it. And the auditor was the devil.. 

Of course!

So what do I have to work when drafting a response.. A LOT! I usually work my magic.. the GM reads it over and has me tweak a few things… 

In response to the breakfast I apologized that he did not get to enjoy it (even though I know you did every single morning jerk) I went on to include that we appreciate and encourage that our guests be aware of the other guests staying with us and to show a certain respect and pleasantry.. <~which was my attempt to dig in on the guy himself for manhandling two teenage girls away form a toaster.. even though I know he is too self absorbed to read it as such

And this is the part that doesn’t settle well..The GM made me apologize on behalf of the auditor if he came off rude.. And leave out all mention that the guy was the one that was rude first..All I was able to include that even in his complaint he noted that the auditor offered to call up the manager who was better equipped to handle disputes but the guy refused.. So to us the auditor followed proper procedure even if he may have not presented it in the proper way to the guest….

I HATE THIS. I feel like we just validated his jack ass behavior and that doesn’t settle well with me at all.. And it most certainly didn’t settle well with the auditor who read the letter. He feels like he was completely thrown under the bus and not supported in any way. My mom is like the auditor’s defense lawyer. She slammed into the GM about it.

The GM asked me yesterday how I felt about it. I said I understood how he just wants to write a response and get it over with and prevent further backlash.. And unlike the auditor, who usually doesn’t have to deal with these types of disputes he would take it more personally than say me..I was prepared to add more essentially pointing the fact the man himself didn’t have clean hands in this situation.. enough to let the man know that the GM was aware of what went on a lot more than the guest thought..

So what do you all think. Should we have defended the auditor better or swept it under the rug like GM wanted?  



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