Faith the Ninja


For two and a half years I have been instructed in the martial art form called Muay Thai. 


Yup that goof in the middle is me, followed by two children who also are martial artists. I started because I had just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and realized that I needed a good support network to get healthy again. My son had been a member of the dojo for two years and it was a natural transition from being a mom who watched to a mom who participated and took classes. 

My first class was exciting and scary and thrilling all in one. But most of all.. exhausting.. I remember getting home around 7. I showered and passed out. My Sensei had called around 8:30 to see how my first class had gone.. 

Now.. two and a half years later..


Recently I added Krav Maga into my training. I love it.. I am one crazy chick when it comes to class.. I enjoy going hard with the men and knowing I can hold my own. I am by no means the best but I’ve progressed since day one. 

That’s all one can ask for right?


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