A new day has dawned.

I am very conflicted with the news of Xanga shutting down.. <~ There it’s out there for any Word Press people that may randomly visit my blog. I am a Xanga refugee. 

On one hand, I feel like it might actually be the revival I need to jump start my passion for blogging. The traffic to my site hit an all time low as of late. For awhile that didn’t deter me from blogging. Until life hit me full force and and some things had to be put on the backburner. Xanga felt like one of those things I could let go of. 

Then once the dust settled and I tried to resuscitate my blog the way Xanga was nearly made it impossible. 99% of my previous subscribers were gone, and with everyone friends locked it made it hard for me to find new people to fall in love with. 

On the other hand. I was so blessed with a good few people coming into my life. People who I connected with like no other and the thought of losing our connective link makes me feel like a piece of me is dying inside. 

Hopefully those good few people will keep in touch… 

For those who are new to me I feel like I need to introduce myself…

Hi. My name is Faith. 

I came very close to putting who I am into a bullet list.. yadda yadda mother. martial artist… avid cross stitcher..

Instead I think I’ll let who I am come out within this blog….


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